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Welcome to the 'Latest News' page archives. The information on this page represents the downloads, skins, patches etc, made available from the EAW community for the month of April 2002.
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Captain Kurt's EAW Collection.

Savioa-Marchetti SM.79 Sparviero of the 18th Squadriligia, 28th Gruppo, 8th Stormo Bombardameto Veloce Falchi delle Baleari - based at Son San Juan, Spain in June, 1938.

North American P51B Mustang of Capt. Willard Millikan, "Missouri Mauler", 336 FS, 4th FG, 8th AAF, based at Duxford, England, during May 1944.

North American P51C Mustang of Lt. William B. Overstreet, "Berlin Express", 363 FS, 357 FG, 8th AAF, based at Leiston, England, during June 1944.

Chompy's EAW Web Site.

Chompy's Boeing B17G Flying Fortress (high res) "Aluminum Overcast", from the 601st BS, 398th BG based at Nuthamstead, May-August 1944.


Dom's Formation Randomizer patch 1B. To download this patch, click HERE

EAW Dispersal.

New hosting site with the works of Andy, Claudio Wilches, Dancho, Damir, DelRey, The Firm, Ghostboy and Pathfinder.

Ghostboy's new 'Malta Defenders' packs (Hurricane Mk.1, IIa, IIb, IIc and Spitfire Mk.Vb and Vc).

Ghostboy's PCX files for the Hurricane 'Malta Defenders' pack.

EAW Host Site.

Mr. Johnson's 'all metal' Consolidated B-24D, H/J Liberator models (with blank nose art file).

FreddyB's Yak-9 of Jacques Andre, GC III, 'Normandie-Niemen'.

Karel Chvojka's updated 3DZ of a Fiat Cr-32 'Chirri' in SCW Nationalist colours, of the "Patrulla Azul", flown by Joaquin Garcia Morato.

Nico I'As updated all green French P-47D.

Nico I'As North American Mustang P-51C 'Princess'.

SteveT's updated (version 1.2) Polikarpov I-16 Tipo 10 'Super Mosca'.

Nico I'As updated French Republic P-47D of Cdt. Pierre Gouachon-Noireault, 2eme Escadrille, GC II/5, 1944.

Nico I'As new French Republic P-47D of the 1st Escadrille, GC I/5 Champagne.

Nico I'As new French Republic P-47D of the 1st Escadrille, GC 1/5 Champagne, based at Le Vallon, 1944.

Nico I'As new French Republic P-47D of the 1st Escadrille, GC 1/4 Navarre, based at Ambérieux, 1944.

Ghostboy's Heinkel He-111 pack (new shadow file added).

Ghostboy's high resolution bomb crater for EAW.

Ghostboy's high resolution Pillbox for EAW.

Andy's Italian names and ranks for EAW and DAW.

Nico I'As French Republic P-47D of the GC 1/5 Champagne based at Luxeuil in May 1945.

Junkersmazzo's updated Ju-88A-4 of the III\Kampfgeschwader 54 "Totenkopft" (Skull), 1943.

JWC's new Hawker Tempest 'long' propellor fix.

SteveT's updated Henschell 123A-1 of 'Angelito' of Grupo 24, SCW.

SteveT's Henschell 123A-1 of II.(S)/LG2, Poland 1939.

Capt. Merlin's Spitfire Mk.1a of No.65 Squadron, flown by Flt Lt. R. S. Tuck.

Damir's Curtiss P40C Tomahawk of the 3rd PS 'Hells Angels' of the AVG, Mandalay, Burma, Dec 1941 -January 42.

Nico I'As Spitfire Mk.XVIe updated to include a fix to the cockpit propellor view.

Peregrine's P51 Mustang cockpit patch (allows for better 'deflection' shooting).

Dancho's 'Korean Air War' main screen.

Dancho's 'Battle of the Bulge' music.

Dancho's 'Tokio Rose' music.

Dancho's '12 O'clock High' music.

Dancho's North American P-51C Mustang of the 23rd Fighter Group.

Dancho's Kawasaki Ki-61 Otsu Hien of the 39th Flight Training Unit, flown by Master Sergeant Iwao Tabata.

Pob's winter scheme Panzer Mk.III tanks.

Karel Chvojka's Beta version of an Italian Fiat Cr-42 Falco (desert scheme).

Dancho's EAW main screens (Europe, Battle of Britain, North Africa, Pacific Tide, Fading Sun and Malta).

Mr Johnson's Hungarian Focke-Wulf 190A8 (updated) and new Focke-Wulf 190F8.

Peregrine's new 'deflection' cockpits for the P47C and D, Spitfire Mk.XIV, Focke-Wulf 190A and D.

Mr Johnson's updated Messerschmitt Bf 109 Hungarian (now with Puma marking).

Capt. Merlin's Spitfire Mk.VIII flown by Cpt. Pierre Villaceque, Escadrille of the GC 1/3 Corse, 1944.

VaronH's Junkers Ju87B-1 Stukas of IV/(St)LG I and I./StG I, Poland 1939.

Peregrine's new 'deflection' cockpit for the P51B Mustang.

Patrick Grand-Chavin's Cockpit fix for the DAW Curtiss Tomahawk Mk.IIB.

Charles revised EAW Editing Notes.

FreddyB's Spitfire Mk.Vb of Flt Lt Jean Demozay, No.91 Squadron, RAF.

Rampstrikes updated Focke-Wulf "Black 8" of III/JG2, May 1945.

EAW Music and Sounds Page.

Wooden Wonder (Menu Music).

Clear the Way (Menu Music).

Luftwaffe (Menu Music).

Royal Air Force (Menu Music).

Impossible (Menu Music).

Remember (Menu Music).

Panzer (Menu Music).

EAW Skins.

Fabio's Macchi Mc.202, Serie VII, 'Dai Banana', flown by Serg. Magg. Ennio Tarantola, 151° Squadriglia, 20° Gruppo, 51°Stormo, "Gatti Neri", 1942.

Fabio's WWII Italian gunsight 'San Giorgio'.

Fabio's Junkers Ju87-B "Picchiatello" M.M.7034, 239° Squadriglia, 102° Gruppo "Tuffatori", 5° Stormo, flown by Capt.Giuseppe Cenni, Sicily 1941.

Fabio's Junkers Ju87-B "Picchiatello" M.M.5763, 209° Squadriglia, 102° Gruppo Autonomo "Tuffatori", 1942.

Fabio's Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 of Tenente (1st. Lt.) Ugo Drago, 363° Squadriglia, 150° Gruppo Autonomo C.T. "Gigi tre osei", Sciacca/Italy June 1943.

Fabio's Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 of Capitano (Cpt.) Mario Bellagambi, 364° Squadriglia, 150° Gruppo Autonomo C.T."Gigi tre osei", Sciacca/Italy June 1943.

Fabio's Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 of 70° Squadriglia "Vespa Arrabbiata" (angry wasp), 23° Gruppo, 3° Stormo, Cerveteri/Italy August 1943.

Fabio's Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 of 154° Squadriglia "Diavoli Rossi" (red devils), 3° Gruppo Autonomo, Comiso/Italy July 1943.

Fabio's Savoia Marchetti Sm.79 Series III, 192°Squadriglia, 87°Gruppo, 30°Stormo, Spring 1942.

Fabio's Savoia Marchetti Sm.79 Series III, 193°Squadriglia, 87°Gruppo, 30°Stormo, Sicily 1941.

Fabio's Savoia Marchetti Sm.79 Series XL, flown by Ten.Eugenio Marescalchi, 253°Squadriglia, 104°Gruppo, 46°Stormo, Summer 1942.

Fabio's Savoia Marchetti Sm.79 Series VL, 281°Squadriglia, 132°Gruppo Autonomo, flown by Magg. C.E. Buscaglia, Rodi 1941.

Fabio's Savoia Marchetti Sm.79 Series VL, 280°Squadriglia, 130°Gruppo Autonomo A.S., Elmas 1941.

Fabio's P-47D-30-RE 44-21071 "Just Bess" of Lt.Arnold L. Abel (2 kills), 392nd FS/367th FG, Eschborn (Y-74), Germany, May 1945.

Fabio's P-51D-20-NA 44-72374 "Betty-E" Lt. Col. Wayne Blickenstaff (10 kills), 350th FS/353th FG, Metfield/England, March 1945.

Fabio's P-47D-30-RE 42-26472 "Prudence 5" of Lt.William F. Tanner (5.5 kills), 350th FS/353rd FG, Metfield/England, December 1944.

Fabio's Me109G-6 flown by M.llo Carlo Cavagliano (2 kills) 4° Squadriglia "Caneppele", II° Gruppo A.N.R."Diavoli Rossi", Aviano/Italy November 1944.

Fabio's P-47D-28-RE 42-28473 "Dorothy K" of Capt.Tallmadge Ambrose (4 air and 5.5 ground kills), 410th FS/373rd FG, Venlo (Y-55), April 1945.

Fabio's P-47D-30-RA 44-33813 "Balls Out" of Lt.Mitt Thompson, 509st FS/405th FG, Ophoven (Y-32), early 1945.

Emil's EAW Campaigns.

Emil's 'Malta 1941-1942' campaign.

Geo's Eastern Aircraft Division.

E's blank Movies CDF file.

Karl's EAW Page.

Karl's 'Dark Blue World' sound clips.

Karel Chvojka's updated 3DZ of a Fiat Cr-32 'Chirri' in SCW Nationalist colours, of the "Patrulla Azul", flown by Joaquin Garcia Morato.

Karel Chvojka's BETA version of his Polikarpov RZ in SCW colour scheme.

Propellor fix for the Republic P47 Thunderbolt (introduces a gap between the cowling and prop).
Contact him at ''.

Redeyes' EAW Page.

Redeyes' Italian Map and Main Screen.

Redeyes' Russian Summer and Winter Maps.

Redeyes' Poland Map.

Redeyes' main screen 'Phony War'.

Redeyes' updated Spitfire Mk.1a of P/O George Gilroy (RAF) of No.603 Squadron.

Salty's EAW Fighters.

Jeff Salters updated Hawker Tempest Mk.V aircraft (long prop, correct tail and NM).

Jeff Salters new Tempest MkV of Flt. Lt. Pierre Clostermann, No. 3 Sqn, Hopsten, during autumn 1945.

All of Jeff Salters Tempest MkV updated with a fix to correct fuselage separation.

vonOben's Flight Sim Mods.

VonOben's fix for his Autumn terrain (original by Paul Wison).

New EAW main screens 'Caucasus 1942-1943' and 'Europe 1942-1943' (others screens updated).